The monster that is the World Wide Web.

The monster that is the World Wide Web.

In one hundred years or so Tim Berners- Lee, who at present is lauded as the ’inventor’ of the World Wide Web, will be held responsible for more deaths than all the internal combustion engines on Earth, the destruction of generations of children’s ability to communicate and the instigator of the ‘Gig’ economy, which will in one hundred years be the foundation of the Capitalist economy.

What was once seen as the font of all knowledge, the ability to communicate instantly all over the world and mankind’s saviour has even in the early 21st century become a monster now capable of reaching in and grabbing it’s user by the throat and extracting all semblance of humanity and self control from them, while at the same time monitoring every move they make and every penny they spend down to what they had for breakfast and how much they paid for it.

The average internet user has become a mobile billboard of useless information. Useless unless you happen to be a compiler of databases who will gladly sell all your details to other compilers of databases; who in turn will sell your details to social media networks and internet marketing organisations.

Facebook, Twitter and their ilk may have been developed with the best will in the world but they have become a virtual cancer that is eating society alive and spitting out the bones and sinew while embracing the soft meat and devouring it whole.

I do admit though that some lives have been saved by the ‘internet’ or World Wide Web, but what’s the point of saving some lives if society has lost its soul.